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Radiation Safety in Medicine: Who and How Regulates It, Main Principles, Protection

Everyone wants to be healthy, wealthy and beautiful. This desire is quite natural. It is also natural to feel under weather sometimes and seek medical assistance. The effectiveness of treatment depends entirely on qualitative and timely diagnosis. “Everybody lies except X-ray”. It seems House M.D. said it that way. However, whether diagnosis and treatment are […]

Quality Assurance and Radiation Safety as Part of Diagnostic Process

The National Congress with international participation of “Radiology in Ukraine” arranged by the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine is annually conducted in Ukraine. This is one of the few places today to meet and exchange experience for medical professionals whose work involves the use of radiation sources. It has been a good tradition for many […]

The number of unregistered sources of radiation is continued to drop

During the first quarter of 2019, regional inspections of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate together with the relevant structural units of the central executive authorities of Ukraine ensured the detection and removal of radioactive materials from an illicit trafficking, as well as their return to regulatory control. The detection of radiation contaminated scrap metal entering […]

Newsletter from IOMP could help to know more on medical physics worldwide

The International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) started a new newsletter, the first issue is here: IOMP newsletter It may be very useful for those are engaged in all the fields of radiation medicine. IOMP represents about 25,000 medical physicists worldwide and 86 adhering national member organisations and 1 affiliate. The mission of IOMP is […]

Developing of the “Ionizing Radiation Sources Safety Rules” as a response to the requirements of time

Radiation safety in Ukraine is regulated by many regulations that guarantee compliance with the rules by using and producing sources of ionizing radiation, compliance with dose limits and acceptable levels of activity in industry, medicine and the environment. As a result of strict adherence to the rules and standards there are healthy Ukrainians. Therefore the […]

Ukrainian President Decree

On measures to support the development of nuclear energy and improving safety in the use of nuclear energy In order to improving nuclear and radiation safety, as well as the state’s energy independence, ensure the sustainable functioning and further development of nuclear energy, integrate the united energy system of Ukraine into the European energy system, […]

A three-year Ukrainian Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan was successfully developed

For many years, Ukraine has been cooperating with the IAEA regarding incidents involving the illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive materials, successfully developing a system of border radiation monitoring and introducing standards of nuclear security culture at all levels with international support. Compliance with radiation safety rules means using all the possibilities to protect […]

We managed to overcome the monopoly dependence of Ukrainian nuclear power generation on Russian nuclear fuel – President

At the meeting on nuclear energy development and increasing the level of nuclear safety at the Khmelnytskyi NPP, the Head of State stressed that the Ukrainian nation and state cannot allow blackmail from the Russian Federation. In the issue of energy supply, Ukraine depended on Russia, and the latter repeatedly blackmailed our state, he noted. […]

Violations of radiation safety, radiation incidents and accidents in 2018 according to the SNRI of Ukraine

In February, State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate reported on the work carried out in 2018. One of the areas of Inspectorate’s activity is response to radiation incidents and accidents, detection of violations related to radiation safety, detection of radiation contaminated objects and their further transfer to specialized enterprises engaged in the collection, transportation and disposal of […]

Master program in physical protection, accounting and control of nuclear materials

The Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Thermal Physics Engineering of the Thermal Power Engineering Faculty in NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” has launched a program for masters in physical protection, accounting and control of nuclear materials. Practical training will be carried in the G. Kuzmich Training Center for Physical Protection, Accounting and Control […]