To implement the Plan of Measures for 2006-2010 under the Energy Strategy of Ukraine up to 2030 (approved by Cabinet Resolution No. 427 of 27 July 2006), the NAEK Energoatom concluded a contract with the Holtec International (USA), after a tender, to construct a centralized dry spent fuel storage facility (CSFSF) for the Rivne, Khmelnitsky and South Ukraine NPPs based on the dry storage technology proven at the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

Based on a state comprehensive review, Cabinet Resolution No. 131-r of 4 February 2009 agreed the feasibility study for investments into the construction of CSFSF for WWER fuel of national NPPs. Paragraph 2 of this Cabinet Resolution obliged the Ministry for Fuel and Energy of Ukraine and NAEK Energoatom to incorporate SNRCU recommendations based on the state nuclear safety review in the development of CSFSF construction project.

The main equipment for the storage facility (casks) is under design and safety cases are under development. After completion of the technical design of equipment, working design will be started and prototype casks will be manufactured.